Nav Roll & Sway snapshot

Humans thrive on movement.

In it’s many and varied forms movement is one of the main components of human health.

I see a need to help people disengage from our limited cultural beliefs regarding movement especially in relation to ageing. Better movers make for healthier, more robust and more useful people. The purpose of this practice is to help people realise the benefits of increased mobility and take them safely from where they are to beyond where they think they can go with their ability.

Forearm Stand

Some of the effects of this practice are that you’ll become generally physically more capable, stronger, more flexible and even more creative. However the underlying and more important goal is instilling the concept and methodology of continuous improvement. This simply means learning tools and implementing practices that facilitate greater movement and mobility as time goes on.

The basic classes are a progressive, fun, generalised movement program that focuses on undoing the damage caused by hours of sitting and poor posture. By returning mobility to the feet, hips, upper thoracic and shoulders many people will find chronic aches and pains in their body (typically lower back pain and headaches) will gradually improve.

The intermediate classes also incorporate the flexibility and flow aspects of yoga with the challenge of a body-weight strength class all specialising in movements that enhance resiliency in the body.


What can you expect when training in this program?

You’ve all heard this stuff many times before –  improve flexibility, strengthen ‘core’, reduce stress, relieve tension and pain. All accurate… but boring right? Here’s the good stuff.

  • A short routine designed to keep your joints healthy for as long as you continue it
  • Exercises designed to increase range of movement and create flow
  • Exercises that help the central nervous system become comfortable with that new range
  • The understanding and ability to use your own body’s movement to “shave away” built up tension
  • Correct body alignment and incorrect body alignment – go beyond perfect alignment by developing strength in unusual positions and become more resilient.


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