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Thanks to Ido Portal without whom I probably wouldn’t be doing any of this. He was and still is the inspiration for Move Play Flow. And thanks also for pointing out the elusive obvious – that what I’ve loved about sports and martial arts and various exercises and activities is that it’s all really about Movement. There’s a special kind of pleasure we feel when we can do more with our bodies.

Thanks to Scott Sonnen who has and continues to bridge the gap between where I am now and where I’m heading. He’s also overcome incredible odds as a child and lives as a huge inspiration to many people in the world.

Thanks to Kelly Starrett for MobilityWOD and all the awesome work he does in the world.

Thanks to Movnat for taking fitness, strength and functionality back outside – where it belongs. If you’re really going to live your primal best, the fire ants in that log you’re carrying will probably bite you… And that’s ok.

Thanks to Crossfit. I never understood what is was like to really train hard until Crossfit. They were also the gateway to many people I consider awesome including everyone listed above and many others like Robb Wolf, Jamie Scott, Chris Masterjohn, Chris Kresser, Mark Sisson, Mark Rippetoe, Mike Bergener,  Nicholas Romanov, Steve Cotter, Pavel Tsatsouline and dozens of others who I’m too lazy to list in full.

Thanks to Yoga. How do you thank a system that’s thousands of years old and has evolved into many, many things? I don’t really know. What I do know is that Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra is pretty awesome and I’m loving my Yoga practice. According to T. K. V. Desikachar in ‘The Heart of Yoga’ one meaning of Yoga is “to attain what was previously unattainable”. I think that’s a worthy goal. In a flow state, what we could potentially attain may be limited only by our beliefs and our imagination.

But… Let’s start with working on our ATG squat 🙂


Resting Squat

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