All about Movement & Mobility training

What is Movement & Mobility Training and why should I do it?

Warning: This page is a 15 minute investment of time. You might want to grab an organic herbal tea or something. By the end of this extensive investment however you’ll understand how movement and longevity are directly linked, understand why being good at a lot of things is better than being great at one thing and gain a deeper understanding of what’s possible in human movement – which will undoubtedly make you more interesting and attractive at parties*.

* Results may vary.

I thought long and hard about how to describe Movement and Mobility and it’s benefits. After about 4 minutes of that I decided to let my mentors tell the story.

I show this first video to anyone interested in training. There are a lot of reasons to move and a lot of videos that I could feature which are, in some ways, more inspirational. However none (that I’ve seen) explain terminology and some of the key benefits of movement this well and this simply – all whilst being high on life.

We love the fuzz speech!



This next one is of Odelia Goldshmidt who is one of Ido Portal’s main students and also helps out as an instructor in his courses. Although her ability here seems out of reach for most people, it’s an inspirational view of what is possible – especially considering this was all after 2 knee surgeries, 1 shoulder dislocation, 1 major car accident resulting in 4 broken vertebrae, the loss of a kidney and serious concussion. All of that in less then 5 years.

Folks, none of us are as compromised as she was and look what she’s achieved with commitment, dedication and the right approach.



Finally we have Ido Portal himself talking about why being a “good generalist mover” is so important. This final one sums it all up nicely without me having to shoot my own video. Thanks internet 🙂



Who’s in?

Contact me for details or check out the Classes page.



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